Have you ever been curious about a day in the life of (former) Boston College Football Coach Steve Addazio? No? Well too bad! Daz had a bit of a reputation on BCs campus from his iconic Vines and an actual promo video put out by BC's Athletic Department.
 My friend Josh Artman was so invested in the life of 'Daz that he began to make an interactive text adventure game about him in the spring of 2018. As the project rapidly expanded, Josh brought me on to help write and promote the game. We spent way too much of our summer in the library polishing our fanfiction. In addition to the trailer I made below, I had the chance to be interviewed by BC's largest campus publications, The Gavel and The Heights, about the game.
On October 9th, 2018, DazQuest was released to the world. In its first week, over 1500 people played the game. The Heights even gave the game a glowing five-star review. Making DazQuest was an arduous, strange, and often-questionable experience. Yet, completing this project was so much fun that I cannot wait to see what kind of crazy endeavor I embark on next. I just really hope it doesn't have any college football coach fanfiction.in it.